Six Tips To Improve Your Fuel Mileage And Save Money On Gas

Six Tips To Improve Your Fuel Mileage And Save Money On Gas

If You Want To Save Money At the Gas Pump Follow These 6 Tips!

With gas prices on the rise, we are all feeling it in our wallets. A few extra pennies at the pump can equal hundreds of dollars ($) over the course of the year. If you just get smart about the way you drive and follow the 6 easy tips, you can improve your MPG (miles per gallon), ultimately saving you money on gas.

1: Empty all that junk in the trunk. Are you carrying around some extra bowling balls or your entire wardrobe in your car? All that weight is increasing the amount your engine has to work to move your car from point A to B. Loose the extra stuff and only carry what you need for that trip. The smaller the vehicle, the more all that extra weight reduces your MPG’s. 100 pounds of extra weight can reduce your miles per gallon by up to 2%!

2: Don’t be a drag racer! Do you love waiting for that green light and then punching the throttle with all your might just so you can beat the other guy to the next red light? While it might be fun, it is most certainly wasting your money by decreasing your MPG’s. Try slowly accelerating away from stops and slowing down sooner rather than waiting till the last second and slamming on the brakes. Aggressive driving, by either rapid acceleration or speeding can reduce your MPG’s by 5-33%.

3: Use cruise while cruising. While driving on a highway or interstate, use your vehicle’s cruise control to maintain the speed limit. Using cruise control allows the engine to maintain a constant vehicle speed and in turn engine rpms. This will reduce your engine’s fuel consumption. Most vehicle’s fuel economy drops off sharply above 60 mph, so driving the speed limit will save you $$ in the long run. Slowing down to the speed limit and using cruise control can improve your MPG’s by 7-23%.

4: Stay inflated! Keeping the proper air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is essential to increasing your fuel economy. Not only is this a safety issue, as under inflated tires can cause excessive tire wear which can lead to a blow out, this is the easiest single thing you can do to your car to improve your vehicle’s MPG’s. Savings in the range of 3% MPG’s is the average.

5: Service Your Vehicle Regularly: Keeping your vehicle in proper running condition is essential to the life of your automobile but it can also save you $$ at the pump! Does your car feel sluggish or hesitate when you push the gas pedal? These are signs your engine is not running properly. An engine that is not running properly is an engine that is not running efficiently! Savings of around 4% can be achieved by getting your engine running properly. Even bigger savings can be found if you have a faulty sensor or part on your engine. An oxygen sensor, for example, can reduce fuel economy by up to 40% if it is not working correctly.

6: Be trip savvy! Reduce your fuel consumption by reducing the amount of individual trips you take. Plan your errands around the same trip and get the most bang for your fuel buck! Car pool when possible to and from work and the savings will add up quickly!

As you can see, there is not one magic pill that will make your car’s MPG’s increase. It is a combination of driving habits, trip planning, and ensuring your car is running in tip top condition, but real savings can be achieved! With the price of gas going up and not coming back down, these tips will help put more money in your pockets instead of the gas pump! Come by our Gainesville Auto Repair Shop and we can make sure you vehicle is properly serviced and not costing you money at the gas pump.

These figures are based on industry averages and can be found at

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