Oil Change – More Than Just New Oil

Proper maintenance is vital in the reliability of modern automobiles; none more important than the engine oil. Having this service done by qualified and experienced technicians is also significant to ensuring years of worry free use of your car.

When you come to our auto repair shop for an oil change we use an acronym OLF,  which stands for an Oil, Lube, & Filter service. It means so much more than just new oil & filter.

The internal combustion engine has many moving internal parts. These parts have metal to metal contact surfaces requiring clean oil for lubrication. During combustion, carbon deposits are produced. This carbon is carried by the engine oil and eventually trapped by the oil filter.

With many modern car engines using variable valve timing systems, using the correct factory recommended oil is more important than ever to keep that engine running great for years to come. Our Gainesville auto repair facility stocks multiple oil types and weights for almost every car on the road.

The oil filter is just as important as the oil. We have had many vehicles come into our repair shop with the wrong oil filter installed. While the wrong filter might “fit” in the vehicle, it may be a slightly different size. Why would size matter? Well, let’s say a larger filter is installed where a shorter one should be, that “extra” space that the filter is now taking up may be “empty” for a reason. A quick example is when we had a customer come in for an A/C system check. We went to hook our A/C machine to the car and discovered that a longer oil filter was preventing access to one of the A/C service fittings. Although the A/C check would have been a 30-45 minute complimentary service and this client just had an oil change a couple weeks earlier at a “quick oil change” facility, we needed to take the time and change the filter in order to run our A/C test.

Another important aspect of our OLF is providing a courtesy inspection of the vehicle. While some people may think this is an attempt to find problems simply to increase the cost of the service, that is never our intent. We inspect the vehicle purely to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

This inspection checks over 20 of the most important items to ensure the safety of your vehicle; items like the tire air pressure, wiper blades, and working exterior lights. All under hood fluids are also checked for proper level and condition including; Windshield Washer, Transmission, Brake, Power Steering, Coolant and Differential Fluid (if applicable). .

The technicians at our shop all have decades of experience. While it might sound simple performing an oil change service, having an unqualified person performing the work can lead to many unintended consequences. One such consequence we have seen firsthand involved a “quick lube” facility draining the oil from a differential pan instead of the engine oil pan. This particular car was a Subaru, which has an unusual three oil pans under the car. One for the engine oil, a small middle one for the differential oil, and a third larger one for the transmission. In this example, the differential oil was drained instead of the engine oil, new engine oil was added to the already full engine oil pan and the customer drove off with a completely empty differential oil pan . The differential lived for about a week without oil before multiple bearing failures occurred, resulting in an expensive overhaul.

The next time your car is in need of an engine oil service, keep in mind these points and consider the importance of using qualified, experienced technicians and the factory recommend oil and filter. Spending a little more will help get many years of reliable use from your vehicle. Give us a call and we would love to service your vehicle at our Gainesville, FL auto repair shop!

Dustin J. Baxley – Shop Manager With over 13 years experience managing Performance Transmission and A/C, Dustin enjoys sharing his automotive repair knowledge both online and in person.


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