Holiday/Summer Road Trip Tips!

When heading out on a long road trip make sure to assemble items in case of an emergency.

**Keep in mind this list would be different depending on the season and/or your destination**

1.  If you have emergency roadside assistance through an insurance company make sure to have your membership card and/or their phone number.

2.  Cell Phone & a car charger

3.  First Aid Kit – purchase one that can assist with both small cuts, bruises or stings to larger issues like burns and major bandages.  Use an internet search engine or visit a box store and you will find many first kit options.

4.  Fire Extinguisher – multipurpose dry chemical extinguishers are available in compact sizes.

5.  Warning Light, Hazard Triangles, and/or Flares – When stuck on the side of the road, especially at night, it is imperative that other vehicles are able to see you.  An easy, cheap option are glow sticks found at dollar stores.

6. Tire Gauge & Portable Air Compressor-  Tire pressure changes depending on the ambient air temperature.  Check your pressure before and throughout your trip.  Check your vehicle’s owners manual for your specific ranges.  Don’t forget to check the spare!  The air compressor can plug into your charge port and can quickly top off a low tire.

7.  Jack and Lug Wrench AND Wheel Lock (if your vehicle has one) – these are the tools needed to change a tire.  Check your spare tire storage area since some newer cars come with these tools.

8.  Jumper Cables or Portable Battery Booster – Don’t forget to have instructions on how to use them, if needed.   A portable battery booster allows you to jump start your vehicle without another vehicle!  They cost around a hundred dollars and are worth the investment.

9.  Spare Fuses – Check your owner’s manual the types of fuses your car uses and the location of the fuse box – or stop in and we can show you!  Small electrical problems are easy to fix if you have these inexpensive fuses with you!

10.  Flashlight,  spare batteries & extra bulb – Think about getting one that is hands-free, head light or with magnets.

11.  Gloves, Hand Cleaner, and/or Rags – Working on cars can get messy.  When prepared you can drive away without grease getting everywhere inside your vehicle!

12.  $20  in small bills and change – There are  lots of toll roads and bridges, or for a vending machine.  Maybe an extra 100 or two in cash just in case a gas station or restaurant along the way only accepts cash – there are still many small town businesses that don’t take credit.

13.  Small cooler with water and snacks.  If traveling with pets remember some for them and a bowl or two.

14.  Umbrella –  Great for rain but also to keep you out of the sun!  Rain Poncho so you can work on your car with both hands.

15.  Walking shoes – even if you are going on a beach trip and only plan on wearing only  flip flops you may end up having to walk far to get help so consider throwing a pair of sneakers in your trunk!

16.  Your Spare Keys – getting locked out of your vehicle or losing your keys, even without any safety emergency, will quickly ruin your trip!

17.  Have a Plan and Tell a Friend or Family Member – especially important if your independent child is traveling far.  Make sure they know where they are going, have a plan and an estimated time of arrival.

18.  Pocket Knife or Multipurpose tool or small tool box – including items like rope, duct tape, screw driver (phillips and flat head), hammer, vise grips, and adjustable wrench.


If your time is worth money and you would rather purchase an already assembled kit they are available at most big box stores and department stores.  Or use an internet search engine and look for “emergency car kit” and you will find many versions for sale online!  Enjoy your summer and travel safe!







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