Beat the Heat – Keeping Your Car Cool This summer!

Is this how you feel in your car? Follow our tips to beat the heat and cool your car quickly

Your vehicle’s AC system has to work hard to beat the Florida summertime high temperatures and humidity levels.


Here are some tips from our mechanics on how to cool your vehicle quickly!

1.  Park in the shade whenever possible.  Added bonus with this tip are the extra steps you will take to get to the door of your destination!  (~ every mechanic said this one!)

2.  Invest in good quality tinted windows.   (~ Billy White)

3.  Use a Sun Shade in your windshield. (~Dustin Baxley)

4.  Consider purchasing vent visors, see picture below.  They are custom molded plastic which are installed along the top edge of your windows.  They allow you to safely keep your windows opened about .5 to 1 inch so hot air can flow out of your parked vehicle but rain can’t get in.  (~Billy White)  Our shop can order and install these for you, please call us for details and prices.

5.  When you get into your car roll down all the windows and let the trapped super hot air out of your vehicle and turn on your A/C.  (~ Dustin Baxley)

6.  Set your A/C on Recirculate (REC) see picture below.  This setting is pulling air from inside your passenger compartment through the A/C system which will continue to cool your vehicle faster than pulling in the outside air. (~Dustin Baxley)

Recirculate button example


7.  Remember to change your cabin air filter at least once a year.  This filter can get clogged up over time and will affect the air circulation throughout your vehicle.  (~Ben Kiser) See picture below.

8.  Clean leaves and debris from the bottom exterior of your windshield, some vehicles might need the hood opened to get all of it cleaned out.  Since you will now be parking under trees more (see tip #1) you may want to do this about every oil change! (~Luis Gras)

9.   When traveling with  your furry pets keep them near the back of the vehicle.  At the front of the vehicle is the intake for the A/C system, by keeping pets away from that area you are helping reduce the amount of their fur getting sucked into the filters (see tip #5). (~Ben Kiser)

SeaSea in the backseat

10.  Keep your A/C system properly charged.  When the system is under or over charged your A/C won’t be as cold as possible.  This is best checked by a professional shop’s A/C equipment.  We have all the equipment to properly charge the system to its optimum performance levels.  (~Luis Gras)

On a side note – we advise clients NOT to use the self charge kits available at stores.  These can easily overcharge a system which can still cause your A/C to blow hot air not cold.  

We hope these tips help you stay cool this summer.

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